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Com. Nripen Chakraborty

Nripen ChokBorne in 1908 at Bikrampur of undivided Bengal situated at present in Bangladesh, Comrade Nripen Chakraborty jumped headlong in the Indian freedom movement towards the end of the twenties while studying in Dhaka University and courted arrest. Following his release from jail he came to Kolkata and started organising the working class for the movement. Having come in contact with other revolutionaries of communist ideology, he obtained Communist Party of India Membership in 1934 and took a robust role in strengthening the banned party Organisation in undivided Bengal, rising to the post of its State Secretary in 1937.


          He was incarcerated as also tortured in jail time and again by the colonial British Government. As a communist freedom fighter he made a huge impact on the then revolutionary movement by escaping from the Hijli jail along with his compatriot Panchu Gopal Badhuri. He carried out his party Organisational functions from underground for a long time. He played an outstanding role in the realm of communist journalism by co-editing with Somnath Lahiri, the Bengali Party daily “Swadhinata”, in which incidentally the renowned revolutionary poet Sukanta Bhattacharjee was in charge of the Juvenile section. Shortly after independence, Congress goons attempted on his life by attacking him near the communist party office in Kolkata, and left him lying on the road presuming him to be dead. He was subsequently hospitalised by certain party sympathisers who happened to recognise him. He was also one of the Organisers of the armed resistance movement of the peasants of Kak-dip. With the party taking disciplinary action in 1950 against its leaders like the then General Secretary B.T. Ranadive and Nripen Chakraborty, holding them responsible for the party wrong post-independence strategy, he was entrusted with building the party Organisation in Tripura at a time when the party was banned and armed resistance movement was under way at the state’s hilly areas against the oppression of the Congress-led Government’s army.


          Since the fifties he had rendered tremendous contribution towards developing the Left Democratic and communist movements and strengthening the party Organisation in Tripura, besides taking a robust role in the sphere of ideological struggle against revisionism and ultra-left deviation. Along with other party leaders he was incarcerated in the Bhagalpur Jail of Bihar under Preventive Detention Act by the Congress Government in 1962. Party State Secretary from 1967 to 1977, he became Central Committee  member in 1972 and Polit Bureau Member in 1983.


          As a mass movement leader he was incarcerated several more times during the food movement of 1966-67, during the 1974 indefinite strike of Government employees, and following the promulgation of emergency in 1975, when he was incarcerated in the Vellore Jail of Tamilnadu.


          Comrade Nripen Chakraborty was elected member of Tripura Territorial Council in 1957, and 1962 as opposition leader. Following Tripura’s attainment of full Statehood, he was the Member of the state assembly from 1972 to 1998. After joining short spells of coalition Governments, with first the Congress for Democracy (CFD) and then with the Janata Party in 1977, in both of which he was a minister, the CPI(M) got a massive mandate in the Assembly elections of December 31, 1977 and he became Chief Minister of the state’s first Left Front Government in 1978 and of the second one in 1983. Following removal of the Left Front Government by the Congress-led centre through falsification of the 1988 Assembly Elections with assistance of the Extremists and deployment of Army, Nripen Chakraborty took robust role as the opposition leader in the strenuous struggle against Congress-TUJS semi-fascist coalition regime as well. With the formation of the third Left Front Government in 1993, he became Chairman of the State Planning Board.


          In 1995,  Nripen Chakraborty was expelled by the Polit Bureau from Party Membership on charge of violation of party discipline. His Party Membership was restored on 23December,2014, by the Polit Bureau in consultation with the State Secretariat, in view of his decades long high contribution to Communist movement.

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