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From Secretary Desk



         It is a matter of great pleasure and pride that the Tripura State Committee of Communist Party of India (Marxist) is going to open its official Website for the first time in its history.

In a critical juncture of the present day world, this informative mechanism is dedicated to the struggling working class and working people of India and abroad against the severe onslaughts of crony capitalism which is dipped into economic crisis for last 9 years due to the inherent contradiction of capitalism and its greed for profit maximisation. This situation generates a rightward political shift throughout the world. On the other hand, the working class and people battling against contemporary neo- liberal hegemony of the International Finance Capital are sharpening their ideological moorings through observing the centenary of great October Revolution and 199th birth anniversary of the greatest philosopher, thinker and revolutionary Karl Marx. The 150th year of the first publication of “Capital” the scientific analysis of capitalism based on exploitation and its inevitable non- sustainability is also being observed with much enthusiasm.

Tiny Tripura having only 38 lakh population is a left-ruled state under a constitutional framework favouring bourgeoisie landlord classes under the leadership of monopoly houses who are increasingly collaborating with US imperialism.

Naturally, there is a continuous class struggle between the Union Government and the Left front Government.Inspite of financial limitations Left front Government is presenting the people’s alternative within this anti-people neo-liberal framework mingled with far-right religious fanaticism.

The website shall try to display the glimpses of the history of the democratic and communist movements of Tripura along with its geo-demographic and socio-economic conditions, democratic decentralisation with the achievements of the Left front Government in various human parameters. It may attract the tourists towards the natural beauties of the state. The huge stock of natural gas, forest products, tea and rubber products and power generation, improving communication and human resources may attract investors considering the potentiality of the industrialisation of the state. The researchers, scholars, political activists, environmentalists, students and people of creativeness and other section of people may know about the state, its tribal people, their tradition and culture and the land of various legendary figures in the sphere of culture, sports and arts etc.

I thank to the comrades and friends whose active and sincere efforts could make it possible to start with. It’s just a beginning .Hope it would be able to enrich and widen the contents, facts, party’s stand on various issues time to time and report of people’s struggle for peace, tranquillity, development, democracy, secularism, social equality and for better livelihood through regular interaction with the different sections of the people.


With revolutionary greetings,